Iran, the city of filters  

In the country in which I was born accidentally, everything is filtered in a
weird way. Lots of good things are bad in here
Who are filtered?
Satellites, internet, books, movies, music and above all PEOPLE.
Like in what subjects?
Being a female, laughing, dancing, being happy and smiley, loving, using
any color except black, gray and very dark brown, seeing the good in
others and in life, being healthy and energetic , not being depressed,
sharing your success and happiness with others, being beautiful, etc.
By manipulating wrong beliefs, negative thinking models, toxic
relationships, etc
I don’t know what are the exact causes of this sick society and It’s never
enough talking about the reasons for they are expanding as days go
by, but I am sure of one very impo

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گلاره ناظمی  

Iran - October 17, 2018 09:00Gelareh NazemiIran’s refereeing pioneerPhoto and report courtesy: FIFA.comGelareh Nazemi, Iran’s refereeing pioneer16 Oct 2018- The Iranian will take charge of the women’s final at Buenos Aires 2018- She is the first woman from her country to work at a FIFA futsal event- “Showing men I could do it was a motivating factor,” she saidSitting in a lounge on the 24th floor of a hotel in central Buenos Aires, Gelareh Nazemi conveys a certain shyness, which stands in contrast to the confidence she demonstrates when dealing with matters on a futsal court. But, contrary to being interviewed, refereeing is a passion for Nazemi, who is the first Iranian to officiate at a FIFA-run futsal tournament.A veritable trailblazer in her homeland, the 34-year-old is

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زیبای خوا آلود  

امون از چشمهای تو از این زیبای خواب آلود ندیدن کی تو رو میخواست ندیدن عاشقت کی بود
تحمل یعنی اینکه تو بفهمی معنیه درد رو نمیدونی چه چیزایی بهم میریزه یک مرد رو تویه موهات غرقم کن تو این امواجه طوفانی من از تو عشق میخوامو نوازشهای طولانی طولانی
دوباره شونه های تو دوباره های های من چه جای خوبیه آغوش برای دردهای من دوباره شونه های تو دوباره های های من چه جای خوبیه آغوش برای دردهای من
تو رو جای همه میخوام تو رو جای همه دارم شاید واسه همینه که من

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